Spanish Nicknames

Wanna be different? Give your friends, boyfriends or girlfriends a cool international nickname nobody else knows or has? Here is your chance to be original and, come up with something better than the rest. Need some inspiration? Here you´ll find a list of some Spanish nicknames that people actually have for real. Feel free to join in and share your own with the rest of the world in the comments section.

  • Caruly – Cute nickname for girls called Carolina.
  • Mi Niño – Perfect nickname for your BF.
  • NANA – Cool nickname for girls called Ariadna.
  • Gelutx – Vasc Country nickname for guys named Angel.
  • El Bocachancla – Funny nickname for guys that always say the wrong thing.
  • Cuchi Cuchi – Beautiful nickname for baby boys and baby girls.
  • El Krispi – Funny nickname for anyone who enjoys this type of chocolate cereals called “Choco-krispis”.
  • Trolífero – A good nickname for the trolls on the internet.
  • El Peseta – Funny nickname for the cheap guy, that never wants to spend his money.
  • Mi Osiito – Nickname for your GF.
  • El Pichi – Good nickname for that guy that believes he’s too cool for school.
  • Mi Cuchurrimín – Funny nicnkname for BF and GF.
  • La Brilli-Brilli – Nickname for that special girl that love anything shinny and it’s like a human sea otter because loves blink too much.
  • ProstiPiruGolfa – Awesome nickname for that girl that is your worse enemy.
  • Sassa – Cute nickname for sassy girls called Alessandra.
  • El Chepas – Great nickname for those that are always walks hunchback or bad corrupt communist politicians.
  • LOLO – Short nickname for your friend Manolo or your girl Dolores.
  • Cara-Anchoa – Funny nickname for those friends that are the party clowns and always find a way to make you laugh.
  • El 4-Ojos Gafapastas – Nickname for that dude wearing big glasses because he’s nearly blind and usually a nerd.
  • Cahuamo – Funny nickname for the big dude, obese or just fat.

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