Gangster Nicknames

Feeling Gangster Much? Get your gangster nickname here, share yours with your buddies. Add to the collective with the best nicknames you can think of and keep living the gangster life… adding your own in the comment section.

  • The Boss – Typical nickname for the one that rules.
  • Wheels – The get away driver.
  • Mr. Trigger Happy – The man in charge of carrying out the massacres of rival gangs.
  • Sweet Cheeks – For the sweet but deathly girl.
  • The Godfather – Nickname for the second in command.
  • Black Widow – Typical name for the woman that kills all her husbands for the insurance.
  • Stabby-Rabby – Nickname for the one that loves spilling the blood.
  • Moose – Funny nickname for the big dude in the group.
  • Fat Tony – Funny nickname for the big dude that is also italian.
  • Frenchy – Great nickname for the girl that gives deadly kisses.
  • Mata-hari – Nickname for the woman that only wants revenge.
  • Scar Face – Nickname for the guy that always starts fights and has scars to prove it.
  • Little Icy – For the one tying loose ends.
  • Crazy Loco Horse – For the craziest guy in the group.
  • Venom Ruby – For the girl that seems nice but she’s anything but… like a witch.
  • Femme fatale Nickname for girls that drive guys to do stupid sh…
  • Mac – Short and sweet nickname for the intelligent gangster.
  • Miss Hellfire – For the one that is either a bounty hunter or murderer for hire.
  • Barbas – Nickname for the one that can make your worse nightmares come to life, because he gets thrills by torturing people.
  • Mazikeen or Mazze – Nickname for a very manipulative, dangerous and evil girl.

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