Car Nicknames

You got a new set of wheels but don’t know what to call it? Don’t swear it, that stops now because everybody knows their cars and the perfect name for it, so, here you´ll find a list of nicknames to drive in style, enjoy the trip and, forget the rest. And if you know better ones feel free to add them up in the comments section.

  • Angelina – Sweet nickname for an even better ride like a mazza sport convertible.
  • Cosmos – Nickname for luxury cars.
  • Ari – Short and cute nickname for any car specially Mercedes-Benz sports car.
  • Kid – Good nickname for a one of a kind car.
  •  Knight Rider – A nickname for a cool SUV.
  • Tinkerbelle  Funny nickname for a small bug.
  • MaxAirbender – Cool nickname for trucks.
  • Zander – Nickname for a cool exotic imported car.
  • The Crib – Nickname for the parents car.
  • Bob – Short good nickname for any simple but reliable car.
  • Diablo – Best nickname for 50’s type of car.
  • Piolín – Nickname for a yellow Fiat car.
  • Fuzz – Cool nickname for silver cars.
  • Hot Mama Cool nickname for tunned cars with flames.
  • Chip – Good nickname for a mini cooper.
  • Stardust – The perfect nickname for a luxury shinny car with Swarovski Crystals.
  • Logan – Nickname for a volkswagen polo.
  • Rasputin – Nickname for the typical volkswagen 60’s and 70’s van.
  • Jaxx Cool nickname for a Race car.
  • Sonic Awesome nickname for a one of a kind futuristic ride.

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