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Stinka Butt

I Called My Boyfriend This Because One Day We Were On The Phone && He Said He Had To Take A Shower So I Said Okay Go Wash Your Stinky Butt.


I’m called “Cowboy” because I’m a big Country music, dance and rodeo fan, and I’m seeking a buxom black or blonde cowgirl.

Macho Muffin

Macho Muffin rocks for video games like upcoming Starcraft 2 or something like that. ^^

Candiboo. <3

Im talking to this girl i like and gonna start datingg and her name is Candice so i call her candiboo or candibear. (: !! <3


This is my nickname that everyone calls me because my name is Danica. Its cute and my boyfriend calls me his little buddie.  ^_^

Spectacular =]

I call my friend spectacular ’cause he is Mister spectacular!!!!


I tried making up a nickname for myself like black cat because it sounded cool, when I told it to my girl she laughed right in my face. Saying I reminded her more of a koneko, since I was in her eyes sweet like one. koneko is Japanese for kitten. it’s sort of cute.


People call me Razzle ’cause I’m funny and adorable… and thats what they say should be my real name… I love it <3


My now ex best friend used to call me this and I thought it was so cute. (:

Cutie Cherrie Pie

I would like to call Tony that because he just has these eyes that are bule and he has light brown hair just like mine.I could stare at him all day long in elementary school. he is 9 and I am 9 too. My birthday is October 23 and his is I think it is November 11.I am kinda older than him but I still love him.

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