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Boo Boo Kitty

This name is definitely for a girl that your planing on keeping, this is not a name you wanna go around blurting out.


For a really intelligent guy… don’t underestimate him… get going… feel free.

Pretty Boy

Cool and funny nickname for any handsome dude. ;p


I call my boyfriend Booger… There’s no real story to it, it’s just cute… I’ll say “I love you Booger” and then he’ll say “I love you too Pancake”. (:


This is just a shorter version of spectacular, I love it. Do u????


Just found the nickname cute. That’s also the nickname I gave for my best friend’s monkey. haha..ENJOY!


I cry a lot and so my boyfriend named me Tsunami… I find it cute when he just calls me Tsu…

Cheese Curd

Being from Wisconsin, we all know that a cheese curd is a cute little ball of cheese. I sometimes call my grand kids this.


My name is Vanessa and all my friends call me Neha pronounced Ne-Ha.

Thunder Cats!!

When I was in the Internet I got bored and started to say THUNDER CATSSS RULEEEE!!!. Now in my school the graduate class is called Thunder Cats!

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