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My dad came up with this since I was a baby. He said I was always bouncing on my new limbs so, he would call it the linzer bounce [my real name is lindsay] Boinski went along with it cause it was the first word I said as a child instead of saying bouncy. So it stuck and my friends call me that so, I thought i’d stick with it.


It says it all. The odd thing about “BIG” is that a woman knows when she has one. There is no misunderstanding.


A cute nickname that my bf made up with two different nicknames he used to call me which are wiferz and boo put together. <33


I like it because it sounds cute and my brother and sister are big so, Biggie is a great name. 😉


I call my bff muffin!!! I don’t know why… it’s just cute. =] LOL


Cus im less creative than bre’s boyfriend and copped someones nickname from here.


I named my husband that because he is like a big teddy bear.

Krabby paty

Yeah that a cool nick name for some Patricias out in the world…


I don’t know the meaning but my father called me kattush when I was born I try to search for the meaning but I couldn’t find any.


My boyfriend calls me this because he says everything on me juicy man I so love him we have so much fun together and I love when he says aye juicy baby come here little ma.

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