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Normally a short form of VERNON, but for me, it is a pet form of VERONICA.


For the guy that looks like all tough on the outside but it’s a big teddy bear on the inside.


Someone with a ton of energy! Best for friends and family!!!

Mutton chops

Because my bf has kickass sideburns:) love him the bits!


This is what I call my boyfriend and he calls me Smurfette, cheesy I know, but cute.

Puddy cake’s

I think this name is just adorable. Mainly for boyfriend’s, but it could go either way. :)-K.k


My bestfriend Eva calls me ChaCha because my boss. :p BUT!, I do think it’s cute and can be used for almost anyone. Mostly girls!! LOL! :)<3


I call my boyfriend this because he calls me shortie because i’m shorter than him and i call him chikkito which is lil in spanish… and he loves it.


Cool nickname for Asians. My friends an I call this Asian Tsunami because his last name “tsao” is hard to pronounce… so we call him Tsunami instead.


My friend’s name is an unpronounceable Italian one that begins with an M and is always being mispronounced seventeen different ways so, I started calling him Marshmellow… GT!!

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