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I gave my ex boo this name and I still call him this.


I call him that and he loves it. <3333


Earned it because I’m ready to make an impact as soon as the trigger is pulled. Sounds much better than pistol, lol.


I cry a lot and so my boyfriend named me Tsunami… I find it cute when he just calls me Tsu…


My friends have been calling me this since 7th grade. At first to make me feel bad about my heritage but, I am salvadorian and this guy just called me salamander. it kinda stuck to me. Now it is my nickname, try it out, it fits for all u salvadorians out there!!! lol


I once texted my (now ex) boyfriend, intending to call him “Baby,” but instead typed “Babx,” (pronounced “Bayb-Ex”) and from then on it stuck as his nickname, and later morphed into “Bex”.


Just cute for anything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]]

Dangerous Angel

I call mi girlfriend this because she’s and angel but she’s dangerous @ the same time./ I love you Zeria.!

Sexy Bay

I Met Her At High School !!!!!!
-Shawn Towner


A really good friend of mine started calling me SamSam one time and it stuck.

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